Sunday, May 13, 2012

Music from Chile

The music of Chile ranges from folkloric music, popular music and also to classical music.
Chile has a very rich folk music tradition that is generally divided into three different continental geographical zones: northern, central, and southern, each with its own characteristics and sounds. The Mapuche people and the inhabitants of Easter Island have their own musical traditions.[1] Central folk music is the best known.  
The cueca (short for zamacueca) has long been considered the "most popular air of Chile";[2] it first appeared in 1824. The cueca is always in a major key and is written in six-eight time with accompaniment in three-four. According to Pedro Humberto Allende, a Chilean composer, "neither the words nor the music obey any fixed rules; various motives are freely intermingled. The number of bars is from twenty-six to thirty, and there is usually an instrumental introduction twelve to one hundred bars in length. The last note of the melody is either the third or the fifth of the scale, never the octave".[3] 
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